Project delivery

Projects are delivered via virtual services and completed projects are returned by e-mail, fax or a URL for downloading files. Back-up copies of projects will be retained by prior arrangement only.


Invoices for casual clients will be presented upon completion of the job or at the end of the month for regular clients, with 7 day terms. There is a minimum 1 hour charge per day and after the first hour time is billed in half hourly increments. Projects requiring an immediate turnaround may be subject to a 50% loading.


Confidentiality and privacy are assured. ZBS prides itself on discretion and keeps confidential and private the information received on behalf of clients. We undertake to ensure that third persons do not gain access to the information. We operate in a secure environment where there is no opportunity for the information to be accessed by a third person. Hard copy information received will be ribbon shredded upon completion of the job.

Zyhber Business Solutions has been providing me with outstanding service for more than a decade. The value for money that the service offers and the quality of the work has been of such a high standard that I have never considered using any other service provider. 

Ashley Pennington the Director of the company always takes the time to ensure that my needs in relation to deadlines and other requirements are met. She will go to no end of trouble to ensure that she delivers a first class product within the required timeframe. She has never failed to deliver what I needed over the entire period I have used her services.

I could not recommend the range of services offered by Zyhber Business Solutions highly enough. I believe it sets a benchmark for best practice.